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Acupuncture x The Peach House

You can now book treatments at The Peach House! 


Sessions will include fire cupping and acupuncture treatments that are tailored to your individual needs. Come along Wednesdays from 1:30-8:30 pm! 


If you want a vibey community experience, check out group acupuncture experience offered every Thursday evening at 6:30 pm. Stick around afterward and enjoy a cup of tea and conversation with everyone who joined you! 


Click below to learn more about the offerings and to book your next session!

Fundamental Heathcare Austin Acupuncture Location. Pilates reformer in the studio where acupuncture is performed.

When you arrive to Peach House, kindly enter the Studio by walking up the driveway to the left of the building and using the rear door. Please leave all shoes outside on the back porch or on the decking just inside the back door. All belongings should be left in the back dressing room to the left of the back door entrance where you can hang out, use the bathroom, grab a drink from the fridge, and make yourself at home. Parking is available in front of the studio as well as on the street.  

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